How to find the best Essex wedding photographer for you!

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Essex wedding photographer

 So you want to find the best Essex wedding photographer for you? Below are a few tips when searching through wedding photographers to find your perfect match

1. What’s your style

Wedding photography styles can be broken down into three types: traditional, reportage or cheese.

Traditional photographers produce more posed shots and spend a lot of time arranging the bride and groom so that the details look the way they’d like and will control a lot of the day.

Reportage, this is my style, I work in a relaxed manner capturing the day naturally as it unfolds but of course still guiding the bride and groom required and arranging any family shots.

Cheese, this most definitely is not me! I won’t have jumping in the air or arranging any other cringey out of date cheesy poses, keep it natural is what I say…

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Josh and Emily Crondon park wedding 18-05-2018 – Timeless award winning wedding photography – Boutique wedding films and photography – Best Essex wedding photographer

2. Hire a Professional not a part timer

 Uncle Jim may have a nice new camera and it can save some money but is it worth the risk? I also have a Essex wedding films company and I’ve lost count of how many times clients have said they were so pleased the film turned out well because they were disappointed with the photos (that had not been taken by us by the way) And when I hear how much they paid it is often no surprise that they aren’t of a professional standard. There are so many part time wedding photographers out there and it may save you a few quid but as the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for‘ in this world!

3. See a full wedding gallery

 With so many part time Essex wedding photographers out there who have shot one or two weddings and have come up some good images to put on the front page of a website. Ask to see two or three full wedding galleries so you can see they produce quality results through the day in all lighting conditions. A real professional wedding photographer will always produce good results whatever’s thrown at them. Below is a link to a couple of full wedding galleries I’ve shot, one summer and one winter wedding.   Low light winter wedding  Bright summer wedding

4. Reviews

Check out reviews, experienced professionals will always have a good amount of great reviews, view some of mine on the Facebook link below.

5. Packages

  Get the right package that fits your needs whether it’s a USB only package or you have an album but be careful of photographers will limit the number of images supplied or charge a fortune for the usb on top. I keep my packages simple with no limits to the number of images supplied and have a great range of hand made Italian albums from the world renown Graphistudio. 

Check out my wedding packages HERE

6. Do you get on?

 So their Essex wedding photography is amazing but will you get along with them? 

As I work in a very relaxed style I tend to attract fairly laid back couples that want wonderful images but without spending all day posing for them. I have home office here in Southend I meet with clients where we can have a cup of tea run through your plans and ideas and of course view more of my work and sample albums etc. 

7. Retouching style

 As well as being able of taking a great photo a lot of the magic happens in the retouching of the photos and is usually also what attracts you to a certain photographer. So again ask to see some full wedding galleries so you can see the full days wedding photos look as good as the one’s in the their portfolio. 

Best Crondon park wedding photographers 1

Best Crondon park wedding photographers – Timeless award winning wedding photography – Boutique wedding films and photography


 I’m an Essex based wedding photographer by I cover the whole of the south east of England plus also cover destination wedding across the world.

9. Low light photography

 A professional wedding photographer will use their expertise and quality lenses and lighting to deal with any lighting or weather conditions that are thrown at them. And low light conditions can really be what separates the professionals from the part timers…

 Below is a winter wedding shot mostly inside or in evening light with a little extra lighting added when needed.

Wedding portfolio

 Below is a gallery to my main wedding portfolio. 

Get in touch 

 If you do like my relaxed reportage photography and think I could be the best Essex wedding photographer for you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch


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