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Choosing the Best Style of Wedding Photography for Your Special Event

Every woman understands how it feels like to dream of having the best wedding that any girl can think of. As society calls it, every man is responsible in making these dreams come true. There are a lot of people involved in order to achieve a successful wedding day. And wedding photography is without doubt one of the most important elements.

Depending on how grand or simple a wedding may be, there are some things that should never be left out. This includes the bridal bouquet, her veil, gown, the groom’s suit, bridesmaid, groomsmen, priest/pastor, families, friends, caterers, and photographer.

In order to preserve the special memory of weddings and pass it on to generations, photographers are hired in order to capture those special moments. Wedding photography is now quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of a wedding.

If you’re a couple that’s soon to be married, it’s important that you hire the best photographer for your wedding. Not only will it give you a images that you will have for a lifetime, but hiring the best for your wedding can give you more unexpected stand out moments that otherwise you would have missed.


Parklands recommended photographersX arklands Quendon hall recommended photographers and videographers 56

Parklands Quendon hall recommended photographersX arklands Quendon hall recommended photographers and videographers

Parklands Quendon hall recommended photographers and videographers

Parklands Quendon hall recommended photographers and videographers

Wedding photography

Wedding photography – Scott Miller

Wedding photography - Essex London and Herts

Wedding photography – Essex London and Herts

Best wedding photographers

Wedding photography can come in many different styles. Before hiring a professional to take pictures of you on your special day, you should first make sure that you get what you really want. Different photographers have different expertise when it comes to taking pictures; here are some of the styles that you can choose from:

1. Documentary: Known more as a journalistic photography, this includes candid shots of you, your spouse, family, friends, and guests. You can expect pictures of people not looking at the camera, but laughing around enjoying the day.2. Fine Art: This wedding photography is almost the same as a documentary style, but differs on the point of view. This type of photography will show the photographer’s point of view that reflects reality. Most of the time, you’ll see pictures taken with a different angle. This will show pictures with a certain focus that will blur out the background.

3. Portraiture: If you’re looking for pictures that looks the same as the ones that your parents have, then portraiture is the type of photography that you should choose. You’ll often see pictures wherein the people are more poised and serious that’s looking right at the camera.

4. Edgy-Bold – This type of wedding photography will show you pictures at a totally different angle. It usually has one focus that will give a different background. A good example of this is when the bride is getting her makeup and the photographer will go on a different angle and will focus on the brush that’s being used or the eyelashes of the bride.

Oftentimes, people choose to hire multiple photographers in order to achieve different types of wedding photography. You should choose photographers that are experts on what they are trained to do. Scott Miller photography has won the Essex Wedding Photographer of the Year at the event of Essex Wedding Awards 2015 that was held at Parklands Quendon Hall.

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